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Shop Office Build, Part 2

Building an office for my shop.

Shop Office Build, Part 1

Building an office for my shop.

Materials Storage

As part of the overal shop tidying efforts, I desperately needed to improve materials storage. I’ve acquired a wide variety of raw stock, most of it aluminum, and a bunch of plastics. This was mostly in several piles:

Searching for a New Warehouse

For a couple of years now I’ve been wanting to move to Los Angeles (I currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area). I’d like to make the move some time in the summer, so I’ve started looking now.

Using dbus on OS X Yosemite

In the ongoing effort to enhance Podtique for mere mortals, I’m building a web server within the device to aid in configuration. I’ve chosen node.js (really, locomotive) for this. But the main code is written in C++, and I needed a way for the node.js code to communicate with the C++ process.