Yes, I know the attacks on 9/11 struck close to home. But you people on the East Coast need to get over it, and like Americans everywhere, you need to learn a bit more about the environment around you.
A formation flight of a few aerobatic aircraft do not pose a threat to you. Now, perhaps it’s unreasonable to expect the average citizen to be able to distinguish a small aerobatic airplane from, say a Boeing 767. But you should also realize that a hijacking like the ones that occurred on 9/11 are extremely unlikely to happen again.
On the one hand, no one on board one of these planes is ever going to be coerced into allowing hijackers to gain control of the cockpit. Second, in the extremely unlikely event that a terrorist actually gained control of a large airplane, the response by the various responsible agencies would be too swift to allow such an attack to succeed.
So quit panicking. Our governmen’s handling of minor threats since 9/11 has fostered this hair-trigger fear, and it’s time we took back control of our emotions and lives.