…rocked! What an absolutely fabulous (if a bit short) show! There were themed sets, Gwen in all her never-ending abdominal hotness, and cool people all around. Blink 182 did this nifty trick near the end of their set: the drummer rose up out of the middle of the crowd, on a rotating dais, playing a second drum set. He was about ten rows away from us, and soloed for ten minutes or more. It was awesome.
Around 11:45, when I finally got out of the $20 clusterfuck that the Shoreline Amphitheater calls “Premier Parking,” I decided that I was hungry and needed to get a little bit of food for the next few days in my new place. I ended up with $244 in basic necessities (cooking oil, eggs, butter, garbage bags, cereal, Pop Tarts, Chef Boy-ar-dee, etc.). Wow.
When I got home an hour later, I actually put it all away while chatting online with a friend two timezones later (what the hell she was doing awake is beyond me, but I’m not complaining). Finally, I had to unpack the box with all the pots & dishes in it, because I was really hungry by then.