I recently bought the Brother MFC-8840DN Multifunction Laser Printer from Staples online. I wanted an HP 2300DN, but what I needed was a duplexing, networkable, Mac OS X-compatible laser printer. Mike Kobb pointed out the Brother, and I decided that it was a much better deal.
It arrived the day after I ordered it (free shipping!), and I excitedly set it up. It's very important to pay attention to the installation instructions--there are a great many pieces of stabilizing tape that need to be removed.
Of course, getting a Windows XP machine to work with it proved to be difficult, but the Mac OS X setup was a breeze (just copied the PPD, didn't bother with the MFC ad-ons yet). The printer supports Rendezvous, which is very cool.
Now comes the bad part: Almost everything I'm going to print will go into a three-ring binder. So, I bought some Hammerhill 20 lb. 3-hole multipurpose paper, which claims to work well in any copier or laser printer. Unfortunately, my MFC-8840DN just couldn't cope. It jammed 9 out of 10 times. My first attempt to get support from Brother was useless. My second attempt was better, in that I got a response, but they simply said that the printer is not advertised to work with 3-hole paper. Although the user manual mentions kinds of paper you should not use, it does not even mention 3-hole paper. Another exchange with the customer service rep produced nothing helpful. The manual did recommend Hammerhill 24 lb plain paper, so I decided to try a heavier stock.
The only way to get that was via Office Depot online, so I ordered a ream. Fortunately, using Hammerhill brand 24 lb 3-hole paper seems to work. If it starts to screw up again, I'll post here and let you know.