My friend Tantek, who works at Technorati, pointed me to an interesting tally of blog-based votes. It appears that they scan blogs for a particular link (i.e., for Kerry, against Bush), and then accumulate the results. So, in order to be a good voting blog citizen, I hereby cast my vote(s):

I support Kerry. Howard Dean would have been my first choice, followed by Al Sharpton, but I actually think Kerry's pandering is going to be a good thing, allowing him to be much more moderate.

I oppose Bush on the strongest possible terms. His stance(s) on religion, gay rights, the environment, domestic policy, foreign policy, fair elections, and probably everything else run so counter to my own notion of what's right for the country, that I can find no redeeming quality in the man. He couldn't even get the space program right (consider Mars Direct, instead).