That's the subject line my friend gave the email he sent me containing this link:

I can't even begin to describe the outrage I'm feeling at the parents and the jury, but mostly at the prosecutor. Sure, the babysitter experienced a lapse in judgment, not because she put the boy at any risk (she didn't), but because of the fucked-up society we live in, where children and sexuality are like matter and antimatter.

"She did a bad thing, but our biggest concern is that she doesn't do it again,'' the mother said, noting that Slicker is now a registered sex offender.

Why are prosecutors so enamored with alleged sex offenses? What drives them to prosecute these cases with such zeal, more so than drug offenses or even, say, murder cases?
The babysitter was a caretaker and a teacher, not a sex offender. The sex offenders are the parents, the judge and the jury. She was caught sitting naked on the couch, watching a Bond flick with the boy. No one has said she engaged in any kind of sexual act, she simply answered a question.

Their son, the couple said, has had counseling and is doing fine.

Like so many cases of this nature, the boy is worse off because of his parents' reaction. He didn't need counseling. He needed explaining. Thanks to the so-called counseling, he's probably going to reveal a "repressed memory" about a sexual act that never happened (no doubt implanted by the "counselors" during their incessant questioning).
I sympathize with the babysitter, and I have nothing but contempt for the prosecutor, jury and parents. They epitomize one of the most serious illnesses in our society today.