Yeah, right.
I like my professor, I really do. He's personable and funny, and a good lecturer. EE120 is "Signals and Systems" at UC Berkeley. He has told us time and time again that we're in engineering, and we don't like to do math, and that this is not a math class.

Maybe it's just me, but I don't see anything but math on that board, do you? Click the image for a view of the entire blackboard(s).
Now, to be fair, this lecture was pretty cool. He demonstrated how the sinc function can be used to perfectly reconstruct any band-limited continuous-time signal from a sampled version of that signal (assuming it was sampled above the Nyquist frequency, of course). Very, very cool.
The pretty graph in the middle shows how the individual sinc functions line up with each other and sum to the original signal. It's evident from the graph that at least the sample points are correct (the analytical expression for that is on the board to the right).
Still, not a math class?