Well, I received my TV on August 30, 2005. I was using it without any problems until last night (Mon, Sep 5, 2005). A few days ago I subscribed to Comcast digital cable, including their HD PVR (a Motorola DCT6412 III). The PVR is no TiVo, that's for sure, and TiVo has announced an HD product with CableCARD support. But that's not the urgent matter.
My new TV has has failed! I was watching the PVR last night, on a standard definition channel (not that it matters). I paused, did stuff for about 20 minutes, then came back, only to find the image colors wrong. Basically, the brightest areas of the screen turn purple/pink! That is, whites turn pink, yellows turn red, etc. I've included some pics of the screen. The camera seems to wash out the pink a bit, but you should be able to see how it's not white. Furthermore, you should be able to see how darker colors appear relatively correct (although I suspect they're off from what they would be in a functioning model).
You can see from the pictures that it does not matter which input the TV is on (in all the photos, the signal is coming over the HDMI port); the Sony on-screen menus are affected, too. Also noteworthy: if I adjust the "Picture" setting, I can increase or decrease the number of affected pixels in any given frame. Thinking about things, it seems that the green color channel is shutting off for high green values. For example, yellow turns red. Yellow is red and green, so if it's turning red, it means that the green channel is being turned off. Similarly for white, which is red, green and blue together, if the green channel shuts off, you're left with red and blue, which gives magenta (or purple/pink). If the channel doesn't saturate, it doesn't seem to cause the LCD to turn off. I've seen greens in the images, so it partially works.

Click the images for the full-size version (very large)

I called Sony this morning. They were very kind, and in short order set up an appointment for a technician to come out, on Thursday morning. The lovely and competent CSR Lola recommended I call them (Elite Electronics of Alameda, CA) to confirm, and after some difficulty communicating the model number, they said they could be out today! So, I'm waiting for 6:30 pm to roll around, and hopefully they'll be able to repair it on the spot (although I doubt it).