4:55:56 PM jfm: he's syrian?
4:55:59 PM jr: YEP
4:56:06 PM jfm: then tell him this may be his last chance
4:56:25 PM jr: the FBI investigated me last time i did a consulting gig for him
4:56:29 PM jr: large wire transfers
4:56:30 PM jfm: no shit?
4:56:33 PM jr: yep
4:56:36 PM jfm: how large?
4:56:41 PM jr: i'm probably on some watch list
4:56:45 PM jr: few hundy k
4:56:46 PM jfm: that's so fucked
4:56:49 PM jfm: you terrorist
4:56:53 PM jr: i'll never tell
4:56:54 PM jfm: i don't know you
4:57:04 PM jr: by the way, you should get that anthrax I ordered in your name
4:57:09 PM jfm: where's "remove from buddy list"
4:57:13 PM jr: and how many copies of the Q'uran did you need?
4:57:15 PM jfm: LALALALALA I can't hear you LALALALA
4:57:18 PM jr: haha
4:57:25 PM jfm: you using adium?
4:57:25 PM jr: Insh'Allah
4:57:30 PM jr: yep
4:57:34 PM Encrypted OTR chat initiated. jr's identity not verified.
4:57:40 PM jfm: hrm
4:57:42 PM jr: haha
4:57:53 PM jfm: it says Encrypted OTR chat initiated. jr's identity not verified.
4:57:58 PM jfm: but the lock shows locked
4:57:59 PM jr: see? now THAT looks suspicious
4:58:02 PM jr: same on my end
4:58:11 PM jfm: 'zactly why everyone should be encrypted all the time
4:58:37 PM jfm: i suppose I can just verify you
4:58:45 PM jfm: here's hoping it's really you
4:59:00 PM jfm: it seems to be ecrypted
4:59:11 PM jr: the NSA's really good at impersonating people but they're terrible at humor
4:59:15 PM jr: yep
4:59:22 PM jr: seems to be
4:59:35 PM jfm: HAHA
5:00:51 PM jfm: is this encrypted test test test
5:01:05 PM jfm: hmm. send me something
5:01:48 PM jfm: looks like it's encrypted, but not our screennames
5:01:56 PM jfm: so, They still know I'm talking to you
5:02:25 PM jr: ah yes
5:02:30 PM jr: blah blah blah
5:02:33 PM jfm: oh well, good enough for me
5:02:47 PM jfm: tcpdump is cool
5:03:10 PM jr: this is the point in our conversation where we run out of things to say and yet feel obligated to continue chatting because we went through all the trouble of encrypting
5:03:39 PM jr: actually, this is the point in the conversation where I get up to pee before I soil myself
5:03:46 PM jfm: that's going into my blog