My friend was looking at craigslist posts for a place to live. She came across this gem:

NiCe HoMe RooM - 4 - ReNt - AnD YoU CaN((( SaVe $$$ ReNt is NeG))) (milpitas)
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Date: 2006-04-09, 10:49PM PDT
@@M 4 _ Rent
PLEASE read the whole post.
& if it sounds good to you, please reply to the Questions below.
I lil give for the good roommate for good deals.
And good For Hess levying to help to that person long is ho is good and deserve for good living.
And A+plus good dependable friendship Maybe even comes to be som day better than may be even three own family.
I do have good hart And I do like helping to pupil.
The way I have bin brood up.
And I have be tech from my own loving family.
NICE ROOM FOR RENT FOR (MALE ONLY) rite (female may be so to)
(bedroom has a full bathroom inside the room) all moused p/exit way to coming to the house
VERY CLOSE TO FREEWAYS 237,880,680 AND 237 . 101
•Well, this is it. I have a room that will be available wan we talk over and agree whit EC other.
•Everything in the house is newly remodeled
in a single family house, Good size-room and House, is newly remodeled and new furnish whit everything.
•Room is about 11X12 and 1 of the window has beautiful modern shaver .
•Nadnice mirer closet door Hill View and 2 windows all moist •All Moist Private Entrance and Very nice and quiet neighborhood, safe neighborhood Full use of the common areas including the kitchen is permitted include
•When you come home to have dinner, relax, and have a nice evening. I am very respectful and I expect the same from you, so no drama, party, or any crazy stuff.
If you really need a place to live and have respect for others in our home then this is a place for you. we do a lot of cooking whit are friends and in the summer a lot of BBQ, up ground pool. soon to come also
Remodeled kitchen, refrigerator, gas stove and a nofe cabinets to use for
and all other - facilities Clean, spacious & quiet home with 1 bedroom/ with your own private bathroom to rent. & $ _ we can a negotii/ includes basic utilities (water, gas, electric & garbage) use of laundry facilities and other parts of home (living room, kitchen,
dining room) also.. The house has a nice yard with a BBQ & patio and a good stocked kitchen some nice fish tanks and stuff. You will feel right at home. Everything you could need in this house you can use for it
& parking is available. As car > port or front parking.
Also, the has a pool open during the summer moths. . . . . home is a 2 bedroom/2 bath near 880 and 680 in Milpitas
-friendly male (discreet, clean, respectful, pet-friendly)
To>>> >>Share a nice clean house with a discreet, closeted professional >> (whit Open M/maile ) and you must be wary discreet, and clean, respectful >> Open mined >>( W/M.) I hope som one ho is European or italyan Latin .
And I am looking for a cool guys ho is wry respectful,
Clean Open minded Male to we can share as good friend lots of think to be whit.
Not jots as room maid .
Good body and family tips family orientate .
I am down to earth & I am looking for social out going person.
I do love cooking I am ex/ant cook and i love giveing som diner party som times .
And I love to joke I do have grayed hummer and looking the for ho has one to same whit as my room maid .
•I Prefer someone who works during day, home evenings (Senior or disabled be OK to help them to.
•Long is ho has good ATI Tu. and out look in there life)
this is a great opportunity for som adults looking for shared housing at a fair price. •The neighborhood is very clean, quiet and nice. located close to bus stop, shopping
•No smoking in the house and no pet .
•Rent is negotiable with rite person comes long whit Are you looking for a room in a great house.
•About Me
I'm a yung Europein Devours and (S/w/M ) ho is cleen fun, outgoing, considerate, neat, respectful, easy going, and appreciate similar qualities in the person to share the my home.
•Who I'm Looking For: Open Mien Male in the age is are 27 -35 and Gr/ up
age range may be until 50 or so long is person ho is clean and halt/ and in shape who is courteous, responsible, doesn't smoke in houes or do have- Drug, likes to have fun but isn't a crazy parties, can pay rent (on time), and who will say hello and talk to me when passing by me
(i am neat aaaaand clean freaks, and i am great cook just want someone who won't leave food and dirty dishes around.. someone who will pick up food if they drop it, wash dishes after they use them, not leave food in the sink, & help keep common areas clean: like sweep if it's needed, and take out the trash when it's full)
• Friendly, low-maintenance and considerate.
• Stable and professional and ho can be hi and low key wan time and place rite whit others to
I'd prefer a person that has a good, clean, easy going atmosphere.
In my house.
And I am Looking for a clean, honest, easy going, friendly roommate(s). I'd have to say roommate chemistry is key.
You have to get along with your roommate and respect each other's lives, stresses and everything.
I am looking for someone laid back. I would hope that we become friends and can hang out wan we are at home. It is important to me that we build a home; I don't want to live in a boarding house. Whit boarding roomed
I am down to earth & I am looking for social out going people.
Looking for someone honest and responsible. I am a easy going, and some time a quiet.
I won't mind washing your dishes that you may occasionally leave behind.
I am not your servant but am always willing to do a few extra dishes or share a meal
It is important to me that we build this a home together keeper up together i am looking for Open and young and strong responsible tenants to add to the home.
to som day that They can be Abel to come up as owners of this place to because i don `t have family in USA i am from over see that's why
Let's make this happen the Security deposit and rant is negotiable.
Minimum of time is 6 months rental
or One year lease preferred wan we meed and wan you are conferrable to do so maybe
after you are having meed whit me.
•My Current roommates is: Latino and ho he is age 60 or over person and he is disable I can say this.
He is alcoholic I can say.
I don't know what he is we have nothing in commend and to talk for Anything.
He has bad and Nasty attitude all he doz.
And all he doz.
is locks hem self in house and in the room drinks all day long I don't know he is life or dad lots time to in that room.
Orally in the morning some time he comes out in kitchen to get some ice cub for he drinks.
That's why he like to do what he ones after wield living whit someone.
And than he also curries to breaks the rules and agreement what we have before to when he moved in
I am not going for that again whit any one.
•And I am not looking fore same types of person at all again.
And place be open about your self and anything whit me to lest meed up whit rite person now and on to OK.
And I lil say tanks for fu that to.
I am going to make my Current roommates move out from my house.
Because he takes to much alcohol Avery day and he has open hart serge/ to.
He takes hart Madison and + Alcohol I don `t wont hem to passed out som day or dying in my house I deer.
That's why I feel sorry for hem but he dozen lessen and I have to do what I have to do.
For my self to the not to let that happened in my house thetas why.
And i hope to find the right person at the `s time to not go true to looking for roommate all the time again.
wan I do find the right person to fit into the household on a long-term basis i hope
•Room: Large RooM with private bathroom & large closets, in-room/cable with •Lines for cable TV and private phone hook up available in the room
Wall-to-wall carpet. Room can be furnished or unfurnished (negotiable).
What's Needed to Move In?
• I am looking for a roommate to build and share a home together.
• First and last months’ rent are required to move in ($ neg.).
• Rent is due every fist of the month.
• One year or -to-do 6 month commitment;
•Sorry no pet, children, overnight guest or smoker.who is quiet and smokes outside
OK long is not in house.
• NOW, Month to month lease (long term commitment welcomed).
•Serious response only please.
Also what I can do is som times wan I do need som help may be in the house wan you do have time to do so also
• som-part of the Rent is can be a free in exchange for providing some help to that's deepens to I am adding and still remodeling Som. Area in my house .
• About you:
• -male and open minded male
• -you pay the rent on time
looking for a kindhearted like my self , mentally and emotionally stable Guy who
• - pays rent/bills on time
and open /mien / guy and friendly
cleans up after himself!! seriously!!
• -your name & sex/gender
and i do >>(Puffer/ Whit Male or open / Guy / you must be as Latin Spanish or any one of as >European German Canadian > as American guy and
all that good pupils to know one to.
>>Gobbles America .
• --age/ethnic background
• --what are you looking for in a house/housemates?
• --ideal cleanliness level for the house
• --will all your stuff fit in your room?
interests? job? music taste?
• --what do you usually do at home
• --frequency of and # of guests you usually have over
(we have people over occasionally, and of course you can too, but i hope we don't want a dorm-like atmosphere in the house) thanks!
I hope you're the right person, & I 'll get back to you.
• -you are respectful of common areas and noise
• So that's a bit about everything. If you think you might be a good fit, drop us a line and tell me a bit about yourself. Any questions, feel free to ask. Wan we get on talephone confe/or if you can found better dii may be Good luck hunting!
• Interested?
•Please tell me a little about yourself and may be if you do have any of PICS.
your self even beter to that to the best way to contact you. whit your (( phone number)
I lill call you soon as i can OK.
•Place Not just whit e-mail writhing back and forth
•Place and asking so much of non sansei of Que/ OK i don't have time for that OK.
if you are sive/ person do what it takes or spouse to be to do so OK .
•Tanks again .
• Serious only !!! and tanks Redding my add
• Reply to >> my email Tanks and good lack to began whit also and have great day