Yesterday I picked up a shiny new 2.0 GHz MacBook Pro. The packaging was expectedly beautiful, and the thing came up immediately after I powered it on. Nicely, Apple didn't insist that I charge it overnight before use; instead, they said to do the charge calibration steps sometime in the first week. It was 3/4 full when I got it. The beauty ended there...
I made sure it was plugged in and charging, and got started. I'd head good things about the Migration Assistant, so I opted to let Tiger migrate everything from my old PowerBook to the new one (via the Setup Assistant). I put the old one into FireWire Target Disk mode, and let it rip. After a few minutes, it had determined that there was in excess of 60,000,000 GB (yes, sixty million gigabytes) of data in my home directory to be transferred over. Unfortunately, I opted for the 100 GB hard disk (thinking that would've been enough), and so all the stuff on my old (80 GB) drive wouldn't fit.
Note the computed sizes of my home directory data to move (sorry about the utterly crappy photograph). Click for a larger image.

Migration Error

The other unconscionable thing the Setup Assistant did was go to sleep before finishing (mind you, it was plugged in and powered). I tried again later with the Migration Assistant directly, and it had basically the same problem. I'm guessing there's either a 32-bit int where there should be a 64-bit int, or someone forgot to swap bytes (I hate little endian, and this is one of the biggest reasons i hate Intel architecture, but since the old Mac is mounted as a drive on the new system, I doubt this is the real problem).
I'm now reformatting, reinstalling, and trying again. I'll post again after that's over.