Yesterday I went hiking with some Cal EECS peeps in Muir woods. Been there before, but it's always nice (except for the part where I bit my tongue).
After that, some of us went to Benziger winery and took the tour, then tasted wine. You're allowed to try tiny samples of two wines from a list. Then you coax them into giving you one or two more tries. Then you wait 'till they walk away and ask the next helper for a recommendation. They'll usually give you two or three things to try, also. And even if the tour guides tells you that the vineyard owner's personal stash isn't available for tasting, you can probably get one of them to let you try that, too. Wine tasting can be fun. I'm sure everyone was very impressed with my record-breaking 8 trials.
Benziger recommended a restaurant called Doce Lunas. Delicious food, and the sweetest, cutest server (Jolene) one could ask for. They offer family-style (combo) and a la carte versions of most of their entrees, and their Sticky Toffee Pudding dessert was amazing (it needed more ice cream, but everything does).
All in all, Saturday was decently salvaged, despite having imploded the day before.