Not sure if I'm just procrastinating, but as I was working on the eBike's carbs this week, I realized I really needed a workbench in the garage. I'd been planning to put one in, something that went along part of the back wall, around the corner, and down the side a bit. Tired of hunching over the carbs on the floor, I finally decided I should build something this weekend.
The vision is something like this (although I may not bother with the upper cabinets; we'll see):


I realize what you'll see below doesn't look anything like that, but it will. Someday.
I spent a good five hours (and $280) at Sawdust Shop cutting the pieces for the carcasses of 1.5 workbench-cabinets. I've partially assembled one of them tonight, but I'm done for the day. I'll finish it in the morning, and hopefully make some real progress on the carbs.
Here's a wide shot of the left half of my garage. You can see the beginning of the pedestal near the back wall.


The completed pedestal. I was originally going to just hang the cabinet-workbench from the wall, but the expert at Sawdust Shop convinced me to build a pedestal. This will support much more weight more effectively:


Here the three walls have been screwed in:


A closer view of the pocket screws:


The rear nail strip is fasten to the carcass with pocket screws:


Here's more detail on how the pedestal sits under the cabinet. The floor is pretty heavily sloped, so I will have to shim things up. The wall seems to be plumb, though, which is good.

View of the Pedestal

I rested the top nail strips and work surface on top. Tomorrow I'll glue and fasten them down properly, but this gives you an idea of how it'll look.

Nail Strips
Work Surface