I'm watching "Chuck vs. the Broken Heart." In it, the NSA drug Awesome in order to steal his key card, so they can break into the medical equipment room, and plant a bug in a pacemaker that's about to be implanted in a bad guy.
They set up a bachelor party, drug Awesome, take his key card. Later they show the bad guy discovering the implanted bug, and they decide to assassinate the surgeon responsible. Turns out, it's Awesome.
Then they cut to Awesome waking up, hung over from being drugged. My question is this: when did he perform the surgery? He was drugged beforehand, or they couldn't have planted the bug. The assassins were already after him by the time he woke up, after the surgery. Who did the surgery?
And why is Ellie mad at Awesome? It's obvious he didn't do anything; he was out.