I'm sitting in my office at work, waiting for a meeting that will help erode the time before I'm to depart for the airpot. It's hard to focus on anything but getting to the airport, getting a meal, and getting on the plane.
There's some real scientific evidence that fasting can stave off jet lag. I'm going to try it. It requires eating nothing for at least 16 hours, then taking your first meal at the time people normally take their first meal in your destination (which is generally breakfast). My flight arrives at 0600 local time in Sydney, and I figure it'll be 30 minutes to an hour before I can eat. Working backward, that means I can eat up until 2130 or so tonight. Hopefully I won't feel hungry for the first four hours of the flight, after which, I can just fall asleep.
I'm actually a little bit nervous about the fasting thing. What if I screw up? I have a full day the first day, and I don't want to blow it. I also don't want to be miserable and hungry. But oh well. If it means having no jet lag, I'm all for it.
About seven hours to go…