This weekend I'm working on a tracking antenna mount that we'll be using for our UAV and balloon tests in the next few weeks (months?).


Block diagram:


Here's what's inside. A MakeController and an alt-az gimbal mount that I don't think is available any longer.


The ports. Ethernet and USB (not sure which I'll implement) for the ground control computer to connect to, and power (may not be used either).


Here are the other parts. GPS (EM-408) , compass module (HMC6352), external GPS antenna (with a little MMCX to SMA pigtail):


Closeup of the GPS and compass module:


Getting all the stuff mounted in the enclosure has been a pain, and has taken much of the day (plus the Cal game, and other stuff). There's a lot of wiring to do still, and hopefully I'll actually get some code written this weekend. Stay tuned!