In an effort to avoid cleaning for a bit, and because a friend inquired about this blog, I decided to write this short post.

In the last post, I hadn't yet received the barometric pressure sensor. It has since been installed and I wrote some code to talk to it. Unfortunately, while I'm pretty sure the SPI communications are correct, I'm getting bad data out of it. Pressures and temperatures after calibration are no good. Without the data sheet, these will be meaningless, but here's an example of what I'm seeing:

RawT 8730660
RawP 8712672
dT 255012
off 5099102517
sens 2820650753
Temp 2008
Press 2020

I sent an inquiry to Measurement Specialties, and they responded that they agreed the values didn't look right, but they didn't reply to my follow-up, and I got distracted with other things.

Well, that's enough procrastinating. Back to cleaning house!