I bought the T962A many months ago, and finally got around to using it. I ended up scorching boards and parts, so I decided to measure the actual temperatures reached on a few of the curves.

Because I was using lead-free solder paste, I chose a lead-free profile. Typically lead-free solders have to be heated more than leaded solders. Unfortunately, it turns out the oven runs very hot. Here are temperatures take for the first three built-in profiles ("Wave 1" to "Wave 3"). In the first, I had thermocouples in contact (or close to it) with the top and bottom surfaces of a 120 mm X 100 mm, four-layer board. In the subsequent two, I also had a third thermocouple a few millimeters above the top surface, although its positioning wasn't consistent from one run to the next.

I also opened the windows and ran a fan over the oven during the cool-down periods of the last two runs. This was because I could smell burning in the room, and although there was no paste in these runs, who knows what noxious things were burning off the oven.

In each graph, I show the programmed maximum temperature and duration.