As part of the overal shop tidying efforts, I desperately needed to improve materials storage. I’ve acquired a wide variety of raw stock, most of it aluminum, and a bunch of plastics. This was mostly in several piles:

What I needed was a bunch of smaller cubby holes, and I didn’t want to spend a fortune (or a lot of time) on it. So I came up with a simple wooden cabinet plan, bought a bunch of 2' X 4' sheets (3/4" and 1/2"), broke out the stacked dado blade, and made some sawdust.

Wood is a bit annoying, in that its dimensions are rarely what you want them to be. I tried to get the math and the measurements right, and at least cut things with consistent settings so everything will fit. But since the design existed mostly in my head, I overlooked a couple of dadoes. I made the mistake of cutting rabbets on the edges of the middle horizontal shelf, which I had instead intended to fit into dadoes on the two vertical partitions. In the end, I just cut off the rabbets, and the shelf now “floats” between the two verticals, but it is securely held by each cubby divider.

The outside sheets (and tall vertical partitions) are glued with Gorilla glue and screwed together. The remainder are just friction-fit in each dado.